New Releases: November 1, 2013

1. Free Birds (Relativity, 3,736 Theaters,91 Minutes, Rated PG): kinopoisk.ruIf there is a pecking order (no pun intended) in computer animated films, then Pixar would obviously be on the top, followed by DreamWorks. Then maybe non-Pixar Disney, then  Fox, and Universal, then Sony, then Warners.

Relaitivity would probably be on the bottom of that particular totem pole, if only for lack of output. And, judging by this offering, it will probably be there for a while.

This film is about two turkeys who come from different classes and social strata that team up so they can go back in time and change history so turkey is not the go-to food for each and every holiday.

Even if you take the turkeys out of the equation, the premise is totally absurd.  Monsters University has just come out on video. Rent/buy that and watch that one again.

enders-game-final-poster2. Ender’s Game (Lionsgate/Summit, 3,407 Theaters, 114 Minutes, Rated PG-13): Can we separate the artist from the art he creates? Can we listen to a Michael Jackson song in good conscience with all the child molestation allegations surrounding him? Can we ever sit through a Mel Gibson movie without the words “the Jew cause all the wars” ringing through our heads?

And can we go see this film without thinking of Orson Scott Card’s anti-homosexual statements? This film adapts Card’s legendary series of novels, and it had the unfortunate timing to come into existence right when gay marriage was a hot-button issue. As more and more states allowed gay marriages, more attention was paid to Card’s numerous writings and speeches against homosexual marriages and homosexuals themselves. This caused many gay rights groups to recommend boycotting this film. However, other gay icons have said boycotting the film will not do any good since Card will not make any money from it (a fact backed up by numerous articles that , surprise surprise, started springing up as the film’s release date got closer). Others say see the movie, but donate an equal amount to a LGBT charity.

What am I going to do? Well, it was unlikely I’d see the film anyway. I never read the original books and there are plenty other films out there I’d like to see with my limited movie watching capabilities than this one. But I am definitely not going to see it now. Whether Card gets gross points or has seen all the money he will ever see from the films means nothing.  I am unwilling to throw my money behind this film because I cannot abide by Card’s opinions on homosexuals. He may have the right to voice his opinions, but I also have the right to not spend money because I find them abhorrent.

What will you do?

last-vegas-poster3. Last Vegas (CBS Films, 3,065 Theaters, 105 Minutes, Rated PG-13): It seems like many people want to write this film off as a Hangover for the Geritol set. After all, it’s about four buddies who go to Las Vegas to celebrate the impending marriage of one of their number only to have wild and wacky things happen to them. It seems like the only difference is that they double the ages of the main characters.

But hold on a second. Even if it is a Hangover ripoff, it will be a great one. The four leads, Robert DeNiro, Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman, and Kevin Kline all have Oscars. And there is another Oscar winner in the cast–Mary Steenburgen.

Granted, you can find stinkers in all those actor’s resumes. But I find it hard to believe that with that amount of talent together, this film won’t be at least half decent. I know I laughed at several point in the trailer. So don’t write this one off completely.

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