MARBLE HORNETS Adaptation Already Shot And Stars Doug Jones


Troy Wagner, creator and director of the internet series horror series Marble Hornets, dropped a bombshell on the series’ fandom yesterday when he announced that the planned big screen adaptation of the film was actually already completed.

Writing on his blog, Wagner revealed that shooting had already wrapped on the project and that it would feature Hellboy and Falling Skies actor Doug Jones in the lead role of the creepy Operator.

The movie itself, believe it or not, has already been shot! Remember our super secret trip to LA this summer? That was to visit the set. It was an awesome experience to see everyone bustling around and getting things done. Got to meet and chat for a bit with pretty much everyone on the team, including all the actors that were there that day. Oh yeah, speaking of which… As some of you have already suspected, it’s totally true, the one and only Doug Jones is in the movie as The Operator. Yeah man, THAT Doug Jones. He was the nicest guy to meet and hang around with, yet was able to turn instantly unsettling once the cameras were rolling. I can’t think of a better person to play the part and am so pumped that it all worked out.

Wagner was not forthcoming with any more details regarding release dates and such, but he did note that the film would not be a direct continuation of the internet series.

That’s still set to finish up at the end of season 3, so no cliffhangers that will require you to go to a movie theater to see resolved. Instead, the story of the movie will take place in the same universe as the webseries, and there’s definitely a reason for that, but speaking more on that ventures into spoiler territory.

Exciting news for fans of the series to be sure. It will be interesting to see how writer/director Ian Shorr’s take on the material will still pack the same creepy, paranoid punch that the web series does or if the transition to the big screen will lose something along the way.

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