Max Landis Says His CHRONICLE 2 Script Would Have Explained How Teens Got Their Powers


If you were disappointed when Max Landis stated that he would not be writing the sequel to his found footage superhero film Chronicle and were more disappointed when he tweeted out some of the details about his plans for the follow-up, then you probably aren’t going to be too happy by the end of this post.

The screenwriter was talking with Buzzfeed, and he gave out more details of how his sequel screenplay would have explained how teenagers Andrew (Dane DeHaan), Matt (Alex Russell), and Steve (Michael B. Jordan) got psychic powers from what appeared to be a strange crystal they found. Noting that Landis was disappointed that he wouldn’t get to finish the tale he started to tell with director Josh Trank.

Landis had a whole trilogy mapped out in his mind, including the revelation of the mysterious source of the heroes’ powers, Massive Organic Geoelectric Objects, which he says are “a race of crystalline organisms that communicate and propel themselves through radio waves, and turn higher life forms into telekinetic drones.”

Previously Landis had stated that his sequel would have featured two other teens going after the first film’s hero as well as a woman who was determined to become the world’s first supervillain.

Landis’ version of Chronicle 2 was scotched by Twentieth Century Fox, who were concerned that the writer wanted to move the story into a direction that was too dark for them. While this new reveal as to what he had been planning doesn’t point much in the direction of that darkness, it w=does explain who the MOGO mentioned in this tweet was –

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