BATMAN VS SUPERMAN Rumor Roundup: Robin And Wonder Woman Edition


There probably aren’t too many film projects that have higher levels of fan anticipation than Batman Vs Superman. It is a big step in how the superheroes of DC Comics are portrayed on the silver screen and fans are anxious to see if they will be met with the same success that Marvel has had with their own superhero properties. A couple of unconfirmed stories are starting to circulate about the possibility that there will be even more heroes appearing in the film.

olga-kurylenkoFirst up is an expansion of the rumor that Wonder Woman will also be making an appearance in Batman Vs Superman. Schmoes Know is reporting that Bond girl Olga Kurylenko has screen tested for the role, sourcing an anonymous but “very reliable source.” It should be noted that Kurylenko is just the most recent actress reportedly being considered for the role, following last week’s reported rumors that Jamie Alexander was under consideration. And that’s all if Wonder Woman is actually going to appear in the film at all.

In addition to appearing in Quantum Of Solace, Kurylenko can be seen in the Hitman film, director Terrence Malick’s To The Wonder and the Tom Cruise film Oblivion from last spring.

Not to be out done in the possible groundless speculation department, Latino Review is reporting from their alleged sources that Bruce Wayne’s crime fighting sidekick Dick Grayson will be appearing in the film as well. For the uninitiated, Grayson is perhaps better known as Robin, the Boy Wonder, though if the studio is indeed looking for an adult actor along the lines of “a young John Hawkes type,” than we’ll probably be seeing him as his second costumed persona of Nightwing.

So, we have two rumors, one from an untested site and one from a site whose testing has not always passed. Take them for what they’re worth.

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