New Releases: November 15, 2013

bmh_tsr1sheet_rgb_0628_11.The Best Man Holiday (Universal, 2,024 Theaters, 122 Minutes, Rated R): It’s odd that a movie gets a sequel after 14 years, especially a comedy/drama like The Best Man, and it’s even odder that the entire cast is able to come back for the sequel after all this time. But that’s what’s happening again this week with this film.

The college friends have gotten back together over the holidays to recapture the good times. But long-seeded rivalries and passion come to the forefront, causing strife in the reunion. But when the real reason for the reunion comes to like, the true quality of their friendship shines through.

Just a warning, the trailer makes it seem like a joyous comedy of witty back and forth between the friends. However, the film takes a rather serious dramatic turn towards the end and stays on that path throughout the rest of the movie.

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