Is David Goyer WB/DC’s Kevin Feige?

david-s-goyerOnce Warner Brothers came to their senses and saw how well the Marvel films would be doing at the box office, we knew it was only a matter of time before they used Marvel as a template as a way to get similar success from from their DC Comics properties. And it seemed likely that they would have to hire a strong producer who was dedicated to getting the properties right like Marvel’s Kevin Feige or a creative genius to keep the franchises on course like Marvel’s Joss Whedon. It looks like Warners combined both positions into one job and gave that job to David S. Goyer.

Bleeding Cool is reporting that any film idea based on a DC Comics property must go through Goyer first, either as a creative partner or having him as a supervising producer. In other words, as your project’s Whedon or your project’s Feige.

Goyer has just signed a first-look deal with Warners and is reportedly pitching a Sandman film to them, and is writing the forthcoming Batman vs. Superman film, with possibly a job writing the Justice League film just around the corner. So we knew Goyer was fairly deeply ensconced in the hearts of Warners management. But this rumor takes it to another level.

Bleeding Cool mentions that people behind potential DC based films such as Suicide Squad (which has been in development for a film since 2009), Booster Gold (which was rumored to be considered for a SyFy series last year), Deathstroke (a character who has a great influence in the Arrow TV show) and Team 7 (a paramilitary team that has existed in various forms in the Wildstorm and , later, DC Universes) were asked to work with Goyer on their projects.


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