Shout Factory’s DARKMAN Special Edition Blu-Ray Brings New Special Features And An Ugly Cover


Sam Raimi’s Darkman is a particular favorite here. A fun throwback film that of a multitude of pulp influences, Raimi’s ersatz Phantom Of The Opera-cum-superhero film was what I pointed to when people questioned the choice of the “Evil Dead guy” to direct Sony’s Spider-Man film. That seemed to work out well for everyone involved. Unfortunately, the blu-ray for the film that was released back in June 2011 was lacking in the special features department. But Shout Factory is going to make up for that when the release the film in a new special edition in April.

Unfortunately, their cover art is actually some of the worse I’ve seen for a home video release in a while, though I concede that I may be biased. Fortunately, the film’s original poster art will also be included on the reverse side. You can check out both covers below the list of special features that will be on the disc.

Shout Factor’s Darkman hits store shelves on February 18 and you can order it from Amazon here.

Special Features:

• New interviews with Liam Neeson (!) and Frances McDormand
• New interview with Larry Drake
• New interview with Makeup Designer Tony Gardner
• New interviews with actors Danny Hicks and Dan Bell
• New interviews with Production Designer Randy Ser and Art Director Philip Dagort
• Audio Commentary with director of photography Bill Pope
• Vintage “Making of” and interview featurettes featuring interviews with Sam Raimi, Liam Neeson, Frances McDormand and more…
• Vintage full-length interviews with Sam Raimi, Liam Neeson and Frances McDormand
• Theatrical Trailer
• TV Spots
• Still Galleries – Posters & production stills, Behind the Scenes, Make-up Effects and Storyboards



Via Scream Factory’s Facebook page.

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