Rumor: BATMAN VS SUPERMAN and JUSTICE LEAGUE Films Will Shoot Back-To-Back


All eyes rare on Warner Brothers’ Man Of Steel sequel Batman Vs Superman. Fans are already expressing some misgiving that the film already seems to be adding a number of other DC Comics superhero characters including Wonder Woman and possibly Nightwing and Green Lantern. We know that Warners is looking at setting the stage for a Justice League movie that would include those heroes and more and that they have been looking to do so rather quickly in order to catch some of the heat generated by Marvel Studio’s record-busting superhero team-up The Avengers.

A new rumor is now starting to circulate this afternoon that Warners is looking to get that Justice League into theaters even faster than thought by shooting the film back-to-back with the already in production Batman Vs Superman.

Now the rumor can be traced back to Latino Review, and we have expressed concern about the veracity of their “sources” in the past. If anything, I would say that they are making an educated guess, and there is some logic to this possibly panning out. Shooting two films in one block is a great way to save money, and let’s face it, these films are costing Warner Brothers a bundle. It is a cost saving move that has a history all the way back to the first two Superman films starring Christopher Reeve. The website also speculates that such a move is being done to accommodate the schedules of the growing franchise’s high-profile stars like Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck. This would also explain why we are hearing so many casting rumors for various other superheroes in DC’s pantheon.

Personally, I think Latino Review is taking a stab in the dark and hoping to get lucky with this. They’ve done it before and failed – The Avengers 2/World War Hulk/Avengers 3 rumor, anyone? Time will see how this plays out.

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