New Releases: January 24, 2014

ifrankensteinposter1. I, Frankenstein (Lionsgate, 2,753 Theaters, 93 Minutes, Rated PG-13):
If you think that this film, where Frankenstein (Aaron Eckhart) fights demons led by a red eyed Bill Nighy, reminds you of the Underworld franchise, you’d be right. Both come from the mind of Kevin Grevioux.

This story is being adapted from Grevioux’s graphic novel of the same name. Being that I liked the Underworld films I saw, that might not be so bad.

Of course, one has to comment on Eckhart’s decent into genre films. At one time, he was thought to be in the running to be the next Robert DeNiro with a spate of quality, Oscar-worthy films under his belt. Now, between this and Battle Los Angeles, he has the makings of being the next Bela Lugosi.

dallasbuyersclubposter2. Dallas Buyer Club (Focus Features, 1,110 Theaters,117 Theaters, Rated R):
I don’t know if this was planned before hand, but the powers that be couldn’t have picked a better time to shift this film into wide release. Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto have been running the table this award season, and have just scored another nomination–the big one, an Academy Award nod.

Based on a true story, McConaughey plays a homophobic redneck who finds out he is HIV positive, picked up through casual sex. He is given a death sentence, but is able to prolong his life through experimental drugs he sneaks into the U.S.. Leto plays a transvestite who becomes his partner in getting these medicines to other AIDS patients.

HIV and AIDS have faded into the background as many of the illegal drugs that McConaughey’s character brought in became legal and the virus became treatable. But this film harkens back to a time when the disease truly did mean a death sentence. Well worth your time regardless of the acting.

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