FANTASTIC FOUR Reboot: Could Doctor Doom Be A Woman?

doctordoomThe trainwreck that the Fantastic Four reboot is quickly becoming has thrown a couple more rocks on the tracks.

The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision blog has reported that screen tests have begun on the reboot with familiar names (Miles Teller, Kate Mara) and new names (Emmy Rossum, Christian Cook) in the mix. But there is one tidbit added to the article that is sure to get fans upset.

The article states that Fox is testing big names for the reboot’s villain, Doctor Doom, and they aren’t ruling out casting a woman in the role.

Yes, Marvel’s most famous bad guy might just be a bad girl for the reboot.

So we will have an African-American Johnny Storm in Michael B. Jordan, and female Doctor Doom. Yeesh.

Now, in a way, this is brilliant on Fox’s part. “What, you don’t like a black Johnny Storm? What are you, racist?” “What, you have a problem with woman being Dr. Doom? What are you, sexist?” All while wrapping the complaints up as another round of the typical fanboy griping, which is easily dismissed.

But when you add this to a plot that makes major changes to the origin and takes away a lot of the elements that made the Fantastic Four great, you are quickly approaching a Fantastic Four film that is one in name only. And that is a valid reason for fans to get upset.

But a lot of this is based on rumor and innuendo. Maybe there is nothing to worry about. We shall see.

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