I don’t know if “anticipated” is the word I’d use to describe Guardians of the Galaxy. This is without a doubt Marvel’s riskiest venture to date. It is a property less known than Iron Man was when it hit the the big screen. It is a big movie with a leading cast with no big names and a relatively unproven director. It is a view into the cosmic side of the Marvel universe, with great implications as to what the future of Marvel’s film’s output will turn out to be. Needless to say, there is a lot riding on this film. So maybe “curious” or “worried” are better words than “anticipated”.

Well, finally, we get a small look into what the film might have to offer. The first trailer was rolled out on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, and it will surely be dissected. Curiosity will be in part satisfied, and levels of worry will either increase or decrease.

Here is the trailer:

It’s typical for a first trailer. It gives you the basics and little else. We get a “tell, don’t show” introduction to the team, a brief action montage (keep the finger on the pause button to get a glimpse of Karen Gillian as Nebula), and an idea of what the tone of the film will be. This is where my snap judgement powers come in. The film does appear to be the most comedic Marvel film to date. Having a comedic tone is not bad if what you are producing is actually funny. One assumes that James Gunn will lead with his A-game in this first trailer, and if this is his A-game, he doesn’t have an A-game. The jokes fall flat and Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord/Peter Quill is more of a snarky buffoon than iconoclastic badass. You get the feeling that he’s going for Han Solo, but the best he can reach is Hudson Hawk.

But this is only the first trailer and you mileage may vary.

Here are some stills for your perusal.




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