Are you ready for more SHREK?

shrekThe Shrek franchise set DreamWorks animation on the map, having earned over $3.5 billion worldwide at the box office and garnering four Oscar nominations and one win. So, it’s really no surprise that the studio would want more Shrek films. Well, it looks like more are coming.

Variety notes an interview DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg did with Fox Business to promote a new London-based Shrek theme park where the CEO states that more films are on the way in the franchise.

While the latest Shrek film, 2010’s Shrek Forever After, was the lowest grossing of the franchise, it bears considering that it is being compared to Shrek 2, which is the 8th highest grossing domestic film of all time and it still made $752 million worldwide. And considering that was at the end of a “Shrek every three years cycle,” maybe the almost five-year break is just what the franchise needs.

As for getting the cast back, well, you can say that Mike Myers’, Eddie Murphy’s, or Cameron Diaz’s careers outside of the franchise has been setting the world on fire (although Diaz has been faring the best of the three). I doubt they’ll pass up another payday.

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