Urban: There Have Been “Discussions” About A DREDD Sequel


Dredd, the 2012 recent adaptation of the British comic book Judge Dredd, may have been hampered at the box office by people’s lingering memories of the 1995 Sylvester Stallone-starring stinkburger attempt at bringing the comic book to the big screen, but those who did see the film either in theaters or subsequently on home video have championed the moving, campaigning for a sequel.

But is there hope that sequel could ever be made? While the economics don’t look all that hopeful, Dredd star Karl Urban did hold out the possibility that one could eventually happen is currently being explored. Speaking at the Frankfort, Germany Destination: Star Trek convention Urband stated (via WhatCulture) that “‘conversations’ are taking place between the studio, the director and writer Alex Garland.”

While ‘conversations’ are a long way from a production greenlight, I am sure that fans will be thrilled that there is at least some consideration for a follow up. But remember, studios talk about a lot of projects, only a fraction of which ever get made.

Of course, this wouldn’t be the first time that a film which did not do well in its initial theatrical release but did find an audience once it hit home video would get a sequel. The original Austin Powers film readily springs to mind, with its two sequels outgrossing the original at the box office.

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