New GAMERA Film Heading To Japanese Screens In 2015


Godzilla isn’t the only giant monster from Japan making their way back to the big screen in the near future. Daiei Studio’s cult favorite giant mutant turtle Gamera is being readied for a new big screen film that should premier in 2015.

The news comes via The Good, The Bad And Godzilla, which reports that the studios plans were announced in the new book, Heisei Gamera: Perfection, which takes a look at the post-1980s Gamera films, specifically the trilogy of films from the 1990s and the more recent 2006 film.

According to the book, Kadokawa Pictures, who bought up Daiei Studios after they went bankrupt in 2002, and producer Shigenori Takatera will be bringing Gamera back to the screen in a “(new) surprising form.” The report doesn’t elaborate of the film will move away from the traditional man-in-suit style of production used by the Japanese for their giant monster films towards CGI, but that was my first guess, though I grant I could be way off the mark here. Preproduction is currently underway.

At such an early date, there’s obviously no word as to any US distribution yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised of some specialty label picked it up for at least a home video release.

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