Chris Hemsworth Considering LETHAL WEAPON Sequelboot

hemsworth lethalweaponWell, he is an Australian with an iconic sci-fi/action franchise on his resume. That makes him a perfect fit.

The Tracking Board is saying that Chris Hemsworth has been offered a role in the new Lethal Weapon film, currently titled Lionhunters. The role he was offered was that of a son of a police officer who wishes to join the police force.

The script is being written by Will Beall, supposedly with input from original franchise writer Shane Black. Justin Lin is reportedly attached to direct.

The website theorizes that the film will be a sequel that reboot the franchise with a younger cast with ties to the cast of the original films. The obvious choice for Hemsworth’s character’s father would be Martin Riggs, portrayed by Mel Gibson in the original set of films. Of course, there is no word that an offer has been made to Gibson, or if one will, or if Danny Glover will be involved, or how big their roles would be if asked.

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