Harrison Ford Offered Role In BLADE RUNNER Sequel

Blade-RunnerTypically, when a star is offered a role in a movie, it is done behind closed doors as a private matter between the producers and their agent.This way, if a star says no, the only way the world will find out is if it slips out through the easy-to-deny web of gossip sites.

Alcon Entertainment is taking a different approach. The Warner Brothers-based production company wants Harrison Ford for their Blade Runner sequel and they don’t care who knows it. As a matter of fact, it’s quite the opposite, they want everyone to know it–the news hit the wire via a press release from the company.

This move is quite unorthodox, and one can’t help to think that there is some kind of ulterior motive for making this offer public. The reason that readily comes to mind is that they want some kind of public pressure on Ford to take the role, knowing fans of the original would be clamoring for the actor to return to one of his most iconic roles.

If Ford takes them up on their offer, he wouldn’t be only one connected with the first production involved in the sequel. Blade Runner‘s director Ridley Scott is attached to helm the sequel, and one of the writers of the original film, Hampton Fancher, will be co-writing this one with Michael Green.

Ford has expressed interest in revisiting Rick Deckard in the past, but his now busy schedule, coincidentally stuffed with roles from his past,  might be the only thing standing in his way. As we all know know, Ford has returned to reprise his role as Han Solo in J.J. Abrams new Star Wars trilogy. And there are rumblings that a new Indiana Jones film is being developed. Ford was able to juggle all three franchises back in the early 80s, but there are 30-plus years of extra mileage on him now.

Needless to say, it will be interesting to see what Ford’s response to this public wooing will be.

Via Collider.

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