New TWIN PEAKS Blu-Ray Set To Feature Previously Unreleased FIRE WALK WITH ME Footage


Diane. It’s May 15th, 2014. And the unbelievable has happened. David Lynch is finally releasing cut scenes from both his landmark television series Twin Peaks and its cinematic spinoff Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me.

The new material, which will amount to 90 minutes of previously unseen footage, will be part of the blu-ray set Twin Peaks – The Entire Mystery, which will feature the both seasons of the television series as well as the film. The set will go on sale on July 29.

Peaks star Ray Wise first floated the idea that the scenes would be part of an upcoming blu-ray release back at the beginning of the year, fanning the flames of hope for fans who have been wanted to see these lots of bits of the film for nearly two decades now.

There is a Tumbler already setup which will be releasing further information as the set’s release date grows closer. But for now, Entertainment Weekly has a trailer for the set which features our first glimpses of some of these new scenes.

If you’re a die hard Twin Peaks fan and have been following the saga of the Fire Walk With Me cut scenes – and if you haven’t been following this story I have to question if you’re really that much of a die hard Twin Peaks fan – you’ll probably recognize a number of moments that are to have been filmed but cut by Lynch from the film’s final print. There’s Chris Isaak’s Agent Desmond and his fistfight with Sheriff Cable (Gary Bullock). There’s some more of David Bowie’s Special Agent Chester Desmond. There’s some shots that appear to be from some of the scenes shot with series regulars that wound up hitting the editing room floor.

The most conspicuous of the shots in the above trailer is the one of Annie Blackburn (Heather Graham) on the hospital gurney. This scene is from Fire Walk With Me‘s coda, which was actually set moments after the final episode of the series and elaborated just a bit more on the nature of the mysterious Owl Cave ring found in the show’s second season and how it may relate to Killer Bob. The script to the film, featuring that scene as well as numerous others that didn’t make the film but may very well be amongst the new footage, can be fairly easily be found on line.


Will the scenes shed new light on the many mysteries of the show? In all likelihood, probably not. But they will probably lead to more fan theories and discussion. But after nearly two decades away, it will certainly be nice to return for 90 new minutes of time in one of television and film’s most famous towns.


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