Sony Prepping More GODZILLA And Some MOTHRA Blu-Rays For September


If you’re like me, the recent release of Gareth Edward’s Godzilla has sent you back to revisit many of the films in the classic Toho Studios giant monster franchise. And if you’re worked your way through most of the ones currently available on blu-ray, you’ll be pleased to hear that Sony is getting ready to release a few more titles from the series, as well as a trio of related films starring Godzilla’s sometime ally Mothra, this September 9th.

First up is Godzilla: 2000, the franchise reboot that lead to a run of 6 movies that most G-fans refer to as the Millennium Series. Like many Godzilla films that manage to get a theatrical release in the United States, Godzilla 2000 was edited for American audiences, losing 8 minutes from its original Japanese runtime of 107 minutes. Fans have criticized the English-language dub on the film for being too comical, even though director Takao Okawara and Toho Studios both signed off on the changes. This upcoming Sony release does mark the first time that the original Japanese edit will be legitimately available in the States, so it will be interesting to make that comparison between the two versions for oneself.

Sony’s second Godzilla release on September 9 is the double bill/double disc set featuring GMK: All Out Monster Attack (2001) and Godzilla Against Mechgodzilla (2002). These were the third and fourth installments of the Millennium Series but ironically, they and Godzilla 2000 are the last of the cycle to make it onto blu-ray.

Finally, Sony will also be releasing in one set the trilogy of Mothra films it produced in the 1990s, during the height of that decade’s resurgence in popularity of Godzilla. Titled Rebrith Of Mothra I, II and III, these three films form their own separate continuity outside of the character’s appearances in various Godzilla films and introduce themes of environmentalism into the franchise. The release also marks the first time that Rebirth Of Mothra III will be legitimately available in the United States.

Outside of having both English and Japanese language tracks, no other special features have been announced for the discs, though judging by their other Godzilla blu-ray releases, I suppose we can probably just expect a trailer for each film. Hopefully, Sony will at least port over the commentary track from their 2004 DVD release of the US version of Godzilla 2000.

Via Sci-Fi Japan.

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