sinister sixThe Hollywood Reporter brings us news from Sony that the studio has set a November 11, 2016 date for its planned The Sinister Six film. This means its other planned 2016 Spideyverse offering, The Amazing Spider-Man 3, will now move to a date sometime in 2018, making it four years between sequels.

This comes after weeks of speculation that Sony would curtail its plans to create a shared universe out of its Spider-Man license after what was viewed as a disappointing grosses for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The film was expected to break the $1 billion mark worldwide, but ended up being the lowest grossing Spider-Man film that Sony put out and also the worst reviewed one as well.

Of course, this is a “disappointment” that made $704 million worldwide, which even with an estimated budget of $250 million still makes the film a hit. And let’s not forget, Drew Goddard step back from being showrunner for Marvel’s Daredevil Netflix series just so he can focus more attention on The Sinister Six. It was not likely that the other films would never come out.

While this seems to be Sony dialing back a bit from its plan to release a Spider-Man film a year, that might be the best thing if they want to try and bump those critical reviews up. One of the major criticisms of  The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was that it was a disjointed effort as the world-building elements did not jibe with the story the film was trying to tell. A little more time working on the script would have helped immensely.

No word on when the planned Venom film will hit theaters, but Sony also announced that an adaptation of their popular Playstation video game, Uncharted, will be hitting theaters on June 10, 2016.

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