SDCC: UHF Set For Blu-Ray Release

uhf posterIt took 13 years to come out on DVD, and now it looks like it will take 12 years more for it to come out on Blu-ray.

Hot on the heels of its 25th anniversary this year, an anniversary I commemorated here, Shout! Factory has announced at San Diego Comic Con its plans to release Weird Al Yankovic’s magnum opusĀ UHF on Blu-ray.

The company is also set to release for the first time on DVD Weird Al’s 1985 mockumentary, The Compleat Al. The film, itself a parody of 1982’s The Compleat Beatles documentary, featured a fictionalized version of Yankovic’s life interspersed with his most famous videos up to that point.

THE-COMPLEAT-AL-WEIRD-AL-YANKOVICBoth features have been out of print for some time, causing new fans to look to eBay and other secondary markets for copies of the films.

One has to assume that that this deal was in the works for quite some time, but Shout! had to feel lucky to announce such a release after Yankovic had his first album to debut at #1 on the Billboard 200 charts.

No word on exactly when these items will be released, how much they will cost, and what special features (one of Shout!’s trademarks is their not being skimpy bonus features) will be on the discs. But I’d expect it to be rather soon, as to capitalize on the film’s anniversary and Weird Al’s current wave of popularity.


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