The Russo Brothers Believe There Will Be A COMMUNITY Movie


Dan Harmon’s oft-times surreal sitcom Community has proven to be quite the resilient show. Renewed while on the brink of cancellation many times, even when it was finally dropped by its network NBC, it managed to get picked by online service Yahoo to flagship their streaming service. One of the long-running mantras of fans of the series has been “Six seasons and a movie,” a reference to one (of many) metatextual jokes that the series made about its own status as a television series.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier directors Joe and Anthony Russo have pulled duty on Community, helming a number of episodes including the series’ pilot and serving as executive producers. And while doing the publicity rounds for the upcoming Winter Soldier home video release, the folks at Collider asked them about the series’ future at Yahoo and beyond. Joe Russo offered this opinion –

Knowing Dan, he will make a movie. There’s no—he will absolutely fulfill the concept of ‘Six Seasons and a Movie’. I can’t say it’s in the works because I don’t know, but my guess is you’ll hear soon about a Community movie.

For a while after NBC’s cancellation and before Yahoo’s pickup, I wouldn’t have given good odds on the series getting to “… And a movie” let alone it’s sixth season. But with the show getting a new lease on life, I am not about to write off the possibility of Harmon wrapping up the series with a theatrical installment just yet.

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