Is DOCTOR STRANGE Officially A Go?

dr_strangeOne of the most confounding mysteries of this year’s Marvel Studios panel at San Diego Comic Con is the fact that the studio refused to give us any official confirmation that a Doctor Strange movie was in the works. The project was long rumored to be in the pipeline, and a director was recently hired, but the studio was silent about the progress of the film at SDCC. Unfortunately, it seems like the when Marvel finally gives the official word, it will be anticlimactic because the production will have been confirmed in dribs and drabs way before then.

Screen Daily, the web presence of the London-based Screen International magazine, reports that Marvel Studios is in early negotiations to rent Pinewood Studios’ Shepperton location in the UK for a film that will be shooting starting around May 2015 for a release on July 8, 2016. The website states the film being shot is Doctor Strange.

Scott Derrickson has been hired to direct the film and Jon Spaihts was recently hired to provide a new script for the project–the only such Marvel property to move that far into production so far as we know, so logic dictates that Screen Daily is correct. I mean, what other film can it be?  But we have to be wary until we hear it from Marvel themselves.

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