Fox’s DEADPOOL Movie Is Finally Happening

deadpool screenshotSo, blurry test footage from a proof of concept reel for the long rumored Deadpool is “leaked.” Fans go crazy for it, but Fox makes most of the sites take it down.

Then a higher quality version of that sizzle reel hits, it looks great and fans go even crazier. Fox has that one taken down too.

Now Fox has announced that they will in fact be making a Deadpool movie, that it will open on February 12, 2016, and the director behind that sizzle reel, Tim Miller, will direct the film.

I think we have been played. Either by Fox, looking to garner a little advance buzz for today’s announcement, or by Miller in order to have Fox realize what a potential hit they had on their hands.

Either way, I’m sure there are a lot of fans who don’t mind being used in this way. Deadpool is one of the most popular mutant characters Marvel owns and has a large and vocal fanbase. Many thought that the development hell the character went through, and the way he was mishandled in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, would have killed any chance their favorite mercenary had of reaching the big screen. I’m sure they are now proud of the role they played in getting the film on the big screen.

No word on whether or not Ryan Reynolds will return as Wade Wilson, but his voice acting is a big part of what made that sizzle reel so great. I hope he signs on.

In other Fox comic book movieĀ  news, the studio also announced that their Fantastic Four reboot will be pushed back from June 19, 2015 to the August 7, 2015, the spot formerly held by their Assassin’s Creed adaptation, which will now be released sometime in 2016.

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