North Korea Complains Some More About THE INTERVIEW


With just a few weeks to go before the release of Seth Rogen and James Franco’s new comedy The Interview, the government of North Korea has decided to release another statement condemning the film’s plot centered on an assassination attempt on the country’s leader Kim Jong Un.

In a statement on the government-controlled website Uriminzokkiri (via Hollywood Reporter), an anonymous government official blasted the film and its stars.

The cheekiness to show this conspiracy movie, which is comprised of utter distortions of the truth and absurd imaginations, is an evil act of provocation against our highly dignified republic and an insult against our righteous people… The trashy filmmakers, who, won over by a few dollars thrown to them by conspirators, have compromised the dignity and conscience of filmmaking and dared to produce and direct such a film. They must be subject to our stern punishment… How pitiful the U.S. is, desperately scrambling to tear down the authority of our republic that grows mightier by the day, with a shabby movie, now that no pressure or threat has worked.

Suffice it to say that totalitarian regimes like the one that runs North Korea are never really known for their senses of humor and in the past the government of North Korea has denounced The Interview as an act of war. This is not the first time that a leader of that country has been lampooned in a film though. Team America: World Police portrayed Kim Jong Un’s father Kim Jung-Il as a cockroach-like alien in a human robot body who moped around his castle sing songs about how lonely, or is that “ronry”, he was. At the time, there was no protest from North Korea.

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