Someone Is Already Dead When BATMAN V SUPERMAN Opens


Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice promises an Batman we really haven’t seen on screen before–an older, more experienced hero with years of being Batman under his utility belt. While this a fresh take, it also means that a lot of the character’s iconic stories–and supporting characters, apparently, will be lost to the past.

Devin Faraci over at Badass Digest tells us that one of Batman’s supporting characters who will already be dead by the time the film rolls around.

And that character will be Commissioner James Gordon.

Faraci has gotten his hand on a script for the project and states it brings attention to a memorial plaque on a building dedicated to Batman’s partner in fighting crime. Either the script of Faraci does not say how Gordon died, when the killing took place,who did the killing or even if he met his end by being killed.

So what does this mean for the film? Well, Gordon in most cases acts as a counterbalance to Batman, keeping him sane and keeping him respecting the law. With Gordon out of the picture, we might have a Batman more prone to breaking the rules and working against the system and not with it. If they are going the extreme vigilante route with Batman, it would better set up the confrontation with Superman the film’s title promises.

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