Our First Look At The FANTASTIC FOUR’s Uniform Is Just As Bad As Expected


Superpowered comics quartet the Fantastic Four have fairly basic but iconic uniforms. Simple blue with the number 4 on their chests. There have been numerous variations of design over the years, but they all could be reduced down to those two simple elements.

Well, not anymore.

This evening Twentieth Century Fox has released to Collider our first look at the costumes that the heroes will be sporting in this coming summer’s reboot of the cinematic franchise adapted from the six-decades old comics series. And it looks nothing like what we’ve seen before, as we can see from the photo below of star Michael B. Jordan chatting with screenwriter Simon Kinberg.


So far, the studio has been very aggressive with keeping this film under wraps, very strange and worrying for fandom given that the film is just months away from its August 7 premier date. It is something that Trank addresses in an interview with Collider –

[W]e really want the audience to have the proper reaction to this material seeing it for the first time. You’ve really got to put your best foot forward. You can’t just leak an image to strike up a conversation. You want people to see something that has thought behind it. And the teaser should do just that. With conversations online, you can’t really control it. In this day and age people have come to expect that artists are going to give everybody information on Twitter about what they’re doing, but not every artist is like that. I’m not really like that. If I was painting a picture I wouldn’t want to take a picture of a single paint stroke. I’d rather show people what it looks like when it’s done.

Trank does not state when that teaser will be coming out, so this one image will probably only fuel the discussion he seems to want to avoid. And once we see that teaser? Will we suddenly be able to buy into his vision for the film or will fandom find itself even further upset over they way things are shaping up for the film? Personally, I am starting to think that Trank has an interesting story that is going to stray far enough away from the core Fantastic Four concept that I may find myself wishing that he just told it as its own unique story away from the Fantastic Four franchise entirely.

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