Might Angelina Jolie Direct CAPTAIN MARVEL?


Some folks have compared the efforts of Marvel Studios getting their comic book characters to the big screen versus the efforts of Warner Brothers Studios bringing the superheroes of corporate sibling DC Comics to cinematic life as if it were some sort of arms race. As I am just happy to see both publisher’s spandex-clad heroes being brought to life, I couldn’t care less as to who reaches a certain milestone first. But for those of you at home who are scoring, while Marvel is certainly has a lead in getting a number of their stable of characters onto the big screen for solo and group films, they are trailing Warners/DC in terms of some of those solo films featuring female superheroes. While Warners have announced their Wonder Woman film for June 2017, Marvel won’t have their own female superhero-led film, Captain Marvel, on screens until 13 months later.

And now Marvel appears to be trailing Warner’s Wonder Woman again. Last November it was announced that Warner Brothers had picked Michelle MacLaren to direct Wonder Woman. Marvel appears to be following suit in looking for a female director, which would be a first for the studio, to take the reigns of Captain Marvel. As to whom might be in the director’s chair for Marvel? The supermarket tabloid OK! Magazine (via Bleeding Cool) thinks it knows.


The first thing we should note, of course, is that OK! Magazine is a supermarket tabloid with no real track record for reporting on genre films, so proceed with the appropriate-sized grain of salt.

That said, I do think that Jolie would be an interesting choice for director. Her own acting resume contains a number of action films in a variety of styles, so that allows her to bring a very specialized viewpoint to the job. Of course, Marvel never comments on stories like this, so don’t expect to hear anything official for a good long while. But that won’t stop the rumor machine.

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