Is This How SUICIDE SQUAD Will Tie Into Warner’s DC Comics Cinematic Universe?


So, I don’t often pay attention to rumors coming out of El Mayimbe’s mouth because if rumor mongering was baseball, El Mayimbe’s batting average would be way below the Mendoza Line (for those of you who aren’t baseball literate, that means waaaaaaaayyyyyy more misses than hits). But this one is being taken for granted as the truth in more accurate media outlets (like Collider) so we decided to cover it here.

This is what El Mayimbe, a.k.a. Umberto Gonzalez, posted on Instagram yesterday. WARNING! There might be potential spoilers ahead about the Suicide Squad film.

Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? I mean, Affleck signed a multi-picture deal to play Batman, so you might as well fit him in wherever you can! And Batman is such a cool character that he should be on screen at all times and when he’s not, like here, the other characters should talk about him.

But, as is the norm for El Mayimbe rumors, there flaws in logic that spring from this information. Like:

  • Batman as boogeyman/urban legend: This sounds good on paper. It really does. But it doesn’t hold up in practice, especially with the Batman we are getting. This is a Batman who has been around the block a few times. He’s had to bust a lot of criminals. Then, deliver said criminals to the police. The fact that he is real has to have gotten around.
  • The government hates Batman, but is willing to work with him, but why?: Granted, the government has provided aid to and partnered with people and organizations that later turned out to be enemies. It’s become a habit. But wanting to partner with Batman, someone not only whose secret identity presumably they don’t know but who might not even exist just doesn’t make sense. As for the reason?
  • Batman as the key to tracking down all the supers: This is vaguer than it seems. Track them down how? Find out their identities? Where they live? Is Batman such a great detective that he’s better that the FBI as a whole? Take them down if need be? And how? Even though Batman has been around from between 10 to 20 years, Superman, Wonder Woman and the rest seem to be just making their presence known now. Does the government want him to find the “supers” before they become known?
  • Joker is the only person who has met or known him: I saved this for last because it makes the lease amount of sense. I mean, even if the government was stupid enough to think that Batman’s psychotic nemesis was the best source of information on him, having Joker be the only person to know or meet him throws a LOT of the Batman mythos out the window. Every other member of the rogues gallery, who would know Batman as well as the Joker? Gone. (And who was Batman fighting all these years? Mobsters? Theives? Jaywalkers?) The Batman Family (Batgirl, Nightwing, etc)? Gone. (And since rumor has it that Batman had one Robin die on him and one currently on the payroll, this doesn’t seem likely). Anybody on the GCPD who might have had a relationship with Batman? Gone. (And, yes, Gordon is supposed to be deceased in this version, but, still. Someone had to collect the perps. Also, this means no Bat Signal either.) Love interests? Gone. If Joker is the best possible source of info on Batman, Batman has changed to such a degree that it is not even recognizable.

A lot of sites are taking the rumor as gospel without doing due diligence. But there are a lot of things that don’t makes sense. Yes, Warners track record with DC properties means that this rumor is still plausible. But I have my doubts.


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Rodrigo parga
Rodrigo parga
March 21, 2015 1:54 am

A lot of stuff in this article is off imo. Trying to find logic in the boogeyman statement and then saying it doesn’t make sense for Waller/the govt to need batman. Batman works with commissioner Gordon, they’re meetings are exclusive and there is a lot of unrealistic relationship there. Why? Because its a comic book, stop looking for logic in every crevice. If Gordon is dead here then it makes sense that the joker is the only person alive to have ever seen him gave to face. If this is the comic book batman then we know its perfectly plausible… Read more »