Last Night’s BATMAN V SUPERMAN Trailer Event Offered Fans A Bit More

Last night, Warner Brothers went ahead with their Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice IMAX Trailer presentation, despite the leak of a camcordered version of the trailer and subsequent official release from the studio over the weekend. Our correspondent JW Colwell was on hand and filed this report.

Zack Snyder’s BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE had IMAX screening events all over the country Monday night. After this past weekend’s trailer leak, the director of the 2016 tent pole promised attendees something special and a little swag worth their time. Snyder delivered on both counts.

I was lucky enough to attend one of these events in Orlando with about 75 rabid DC fans. Most attendees sported various incarnations of the Bat logo but some brave souls sported the iconic S symbolizing hope on Krypton. They were ready and eager for the event but were disappointed at the turnout. Many spoke of family and friends who stayed away because of the trailer leak earlier in the weekend. The lure of Snyder’s something special and some swag were just not enough to bring them out.

As we waited in line, A Warner Bros Representative explained the nature of Snyder’s swag. We were handed tickets and told to put our email address on the back. The tickets would be exchanged as we exited for an exclusive IMAX PRINT AND ADVANCE IMAX Screening Tickets! We would be sent tickets via email and be some of the first to see the finished film a week before the world in March 2016. Snyder’s swag hand was strong as we received two items worth our time and effort.

The main event was the trailer with a brief filmed introduction by Zack Snyder. His introduction was filmed in front of the new Batmobile on the Warner Bros lot that is part of the new Batman 75 exhibition. The intro included a big thanks for coming out and excitement the trailer was being seen in the IMAX format as was intended for the first time tonight.

The trailer is the exact one leaked online and then finally released by Warner Bros. The voices making up the initial beats are a little clearer and some like Charlie Rose and nerd superstar Neil Tyson Degrasse are very clear. They are blended with Holly Hunter as an unnamed U.S. senator, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor and Jeremy Irons as Alfred. It ends with the now famous Superman Logo shadowed by the Bat logo with the tag March 2016.

The action, however, did not stop there as we were treated to one last scene: Batman drops into the right side of a long room and starts walking then running in his armor. Superman falls into the same long room on the left, he gets up and starts running to the center at the Bat. Batman picks up speed, Superman runs through rubble and then starts to fly. As they reach each other, Superman with fist outstretched in a flying motion with Batman looking to counter, a thundering noise and the screen fades to black. Snyder then reappeared and explained the scene would not be seen at any other time except this IMAX EVENT because the scene was shot in IMAX. He then to loud cheers from the audience, ran it again asking us to pay special attention to the size and the scope in IMAX of our special scene. He then thanked us for coming and ran it again. After the trailer ended, the #BatmanVSuperman appeared and stayed on the screen.

This IMAX TRAILER EVENT was worth the time and effort for the diehard DC fans in attendance because of the special scene and Snyder’s swag. These fans in attendance were pleased and actively scoffing at those that made fun of them earlier for going to see a trailer they could see online. The limited edition IMAX PRINT and the Advance IMAX screening of the completed film a week early were more than enough to win them over. Considering the negative reaction to the trailer online, the BATMAN V SUPERMAN IMAX EVENT went a long way to win over fans and fix the film’s banged up image.


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