Fox Moving Forward With KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE Sequel


Franchiseable comic book film? Check. Unexpected hit? Check. Sequel in development? Check.

That’s the checklist that Twentieth Century Fox is probably working from for this past winter’s Kingsman: The Secret Service, the Colin Firth-starring film that has cleared over $400 million at the international box office. Given that it only had an $81 million budget, it certainly performed well enough for the studio to start work on a sequel and The Wrap has confirmed that the studio is pushing forward on just such a follow up.

Exactly who will be working on the sequel isn’t clear. The Wrap had no reportage on any creatives attached to the project. I am sure that the studio would love to see director Matthew Vaughn return to guide the sequel, but he is currently working on developing a number of projects for the studio including a new Flash Gordon film based on the classic science-ficion comic strip, The Golden Age, a comic book adaptation about superheroes in a retirement home and a biopic of Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards, the UK’s first Olympic ski jumper. It should be interesting to see how the studio prioritizes his schedule.

Mark Millar, co-creator of the comic book miniseries The Secret Service which the film was based on, served as a producer on the first film and will undoubtedly return in some capacity.

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