WONDER WOMAN Spoilers Abound

wonder-womanOctober 2015 must be the month where we find out about the superhero films of 2017. Last week, it was Thor: Ragnarok. This week, it’s Wonder Woman.

JoBlo has published a report listing a spoiler laden run down of what to expect from the Amazing Amazon’s feature film debut. They present it as rumors, a warning which really wasn’t necessary because they confirm a number of items the often wrong Umberto “El Mayimbe” Gonzalez’s new site, Heroic Hollywood, ran. But, on the odd chance that these might be true, let me throw one of these up here:

DC Comics Spoiler WarningOkay, here we go.

  1. Setting will be World War I and Present Day: The site says that Wonder Woman will be like Thor in the sense that she is either very long lived or immortal. The majority of the film will be set in present, with a flashback and/or opening sequence set during WWI.
  2. Villains will be Ares and Circe: Taking a cue for the comics, Wonder Woman will be steeped in Greek Mythology, complete with a visit to Mount Olympus. The site says that Ares will be the overboss, manipulating events, while Circe does most of the grunt work.  In addition, Wonder Woman will have to fight demonic beasts at Ares’ service, and Circe will transform into “a Chimera-like monster” during the climax to fight our heroine.
  3. Ares will be trying to start World War III: Ares, keeping true to his war like nature, is trying to jump start the next world war, using Circe’s power over men to help things along. Apparently the last time Ares tried something like this was, you guessed it, during World War I.
  4. The Invisible Plane will be seen…er…unseen…er..there: Wonder Woman’s unique mode of travel will be in the movie, but not an extensive part of it. It appears there will be more ground battles and less air battles. But the plane will be in the film.
  5. The film will take place before BATMAN V. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE: So as to not ruin the flow from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice to the Justice League films, Wonder Woman, which falls back dab in the way, will take place a few months before the 2016 film in the overall continuity.
  6. Batman will be making an appearance: The site says that Batman, who is quickly turning into the Nick Fury of the DC Cinematic Universe, will have a cameo in the film. He will appear twice, once during a battle between WW and Ares’ minions, as he watches her save innocent civilian lives (which seems very un-Batman-like, because, you know, he’d be saving people instead) and the second after the finale, where he will introduce himself to her, setting up their relationship in BvS:DoJ.

There you have it. All rumors until we find out the truth on June 23, 2017.

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