A Look At How WONDER WOMAN Would Have Looked In Miller’s Abandoned JUSTICE LEAGUE Film

Wonder Woman Megan Gale Justice League

Five years before Marvel scored a mega-hit with their superhero team-up film The Avengers, Warner Brothers was planning their own superhero epic in Justice League. Under the direction of Mad Max‘s George Miller, the film would have seen the popular DC Comics icons Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman leading a group of superheroes in defending the planet. Screenwriters Michele and Kiernan Mulroney had submitted a screenplay to the studio that was so well received, production was fasttracked in order to beat the looming start of what would become the 2007-2008 Writers Guild Strike. A cast was found, costumes were designed and built and sets were started to be built in Sydney, Australia when the project began to fall apart, mostly over Australia’s denial of much needed tax credits to help offset what would have been an enormous budget.

From what little we’ve seen of the pre-production work, Miller’s Justice League: Mortal as the film would have been titled, looked to be a sprawling epic that has inspired some fans to begin work on a documentary covering the ill-fated production. Until that documentary comes out, though, we will have to content ourselves with the occasional pieces of information about the project that bubble up to the surface. Such as today’s photos from Australian photographer Mark Rogers. Working on Justice League: Mortal, he took the two portraits of actress Megan Gale in her costume for Wonder Woman. You’ll note that there is some semblance to the costume that Gal Gadot will be wearing in her iteration of Wonder Woman in next year’s Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, but the colors here are not as muted, with the blue especially popping out.

It remains to be seen if Rogers has any more portraits like this of the other actors cast in the film that he can share. Hopefully though, we may get to see what DJ Cotrona as Superman, Armie Hammer as Batman, Adam Brody as The Flash, Common as the John Stewart incarnation of Green Lantern and Santiago Cabrera as Aquaman would have looked like as well.



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