BATMAN V. SUPERMAN: Empire Magazine Hints At Bigger Villain

Are they the Sith? Because I see them going to the Dark Seid.

Batman v superman empire darkseid sigil

Ah, Empire. For some reason, Warner Brothers really likes you. They seem to give you scoop even their in-house magazines, namely Entertainment Weekly, doesn’t get. Namely, a sneak peak of a ground decoration from Batman V. Superman that all but confirms that an iconic villain from the comics will be appearing in the franchise.

The latest issue of the British magazine hits stands today, and it profiles the up coming Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice film. One of the still run with the article, features the Red Son-ish Batman from the dream sequence looking over a barren piece of land abutting a ramshackle metropolitan city. Why is the city in near-ruins? Well, that omega symbol burnt into the ground gives us a pretty big hint.

Batman v superman empire darkseid from comicsAs any savvy comic fan could tell you, the Greek letter omega is the symbol for Darkseid, the biggest, baddest villain of the DC Comics universe.  You can see the symbol in his chest piece to the left.

Darkseid has long been rumored to be the major bad guy who brings all the other heroes together to fight in the Justice League film. Logically, he is the only powerful enough to give a team with Superman and Green Lantern a run for their money. So, in essence, this tease is just confirming what we already knew.

But I wouldn’t put any money on seeing Darkseid in his stone-like flesh in the already overcrowded movie. Odds are this sigil is the only thing we will be getting.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice opens on March 25, 2016

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