As you know, there were a number of on screen cameo appearances in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. But there were also a number of unseen, but heard, cameos in the form of voiceovers from various folks who have a past or present relationship with Star Wars. Over at, The Force Awakens supervising sound editor Matthew Wood has put together a list of the folks who contributed their vocal talents to the final film. Note, though, that Wood states that this is not a complete list and that “[t]here are also a couple of actor cameos in there that shall remain nameless (for now).” (We’re going to assume that one of those is held back cameos is Dave Filoni, the executive producer of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels, who is named in the credits but who does not show up here.)

Out of all the voiceover lines in the film, probably the most famous is the accusation hurled at Finn by a former stromtrooper colleague – “Traitor!” Lucasfilm has previously filled us in a bit more on that trooper, revealing that he was a cadet the same time that Finn was. But it is David Acord who shouted out the trooper’s memorable line. Additionally, Acord, who served as the sound designer and supervising sound editor for The Force Awakens and does the same on the Star Wars: Rebels animated series, supplied the voices for other stormtroopers, various aliens and the droid at Maz Kanata’s Castle who alerts the Resistance to the location of BB-8.

And Acord isn’t the only Rebels alum to contribute to the film. Dee Bradley Baker, who supplied the voice of clone trooper Captain Rex on the Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels among other characters, can be heard early in the film providing the yells and screams from an alien Jakkuu villager being held at gunpoint by two First Order stormtroopers. Sam Witwer who played Darth Maul on The Clone Wars and the Emperor on Rebels also supplied a number of stormtrooper lines through the film.

As anyone who is familiar with indie writer/director Kevin Smith knows that he is a huge Star Wars fan. And while he would be pretty obvious to pick out in the film if he had an on-screen cameo, how many were able to recognize that it was the voice of Silent Bob himself as the stormtrooper who shouts out “We have incoming at 28.6! Move!” in response to the income Resistance X-Wings during the attack on Maz Kanata’s castle?

What’s really interesting is that many of the vocal artists contribute background dialogue for both scenes at the Resistance headquarters and the First Order control room on Starkiller Base. That goes to show what a good, flexible group of voice actors can contribute to a film.

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