Gilliam Sets MAN WHO KILLED DON QUIXOTE Shooting For September


At this point, it has become a cliche to start any report on Terry Gilliam working to get his passion project The Man Who Killed Don Quixote into production with some variation on “tilting at windmills” or other allusions to the classic Cervantes novel that serves as the inspiration for this film. We are all familiar with the many attempts that the director has made to bring this project to te screen, only to have things fall apart on him.

Gilliam gave his latest update on the project to The List while at an event in Edinburgh, Gilliamat celebrating the work of Cervantes in Edinburgh. He stated –

I always believe I’m going to get it off the ground and we’re going to be shooting in September. That’s what I believe, the reality may be different.

And it is reality that concerns me. Reality has thrown floods, actors’ injuries, skittish investors and more at Gilliam over the years, delaying the film. Most recently, there were rumors that the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer that actor John Hurt, Gilliam’s current pick for the lead, received last summer was a factor in postponing a previously announced start date of this coming spring. All that is left seems to be some sort of problem with Gilliam’s own health and with the director turning 76 this year, that could be a real possibility.

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