Next WOLVERINE Film Aiming For An R Rating

The impact of DEADPOOL is immediately felt...

Wolverine Old Man Logan

Earlier today, we discussed what the impact of Deadpool‘s success would be on the world of film. Well, it doesn’t look like we are going to wait very long to see that impact. Word has it that the next Wolverine film will be aiming for that heretofore forbidden R-rating.

Fox’s presentation from the recent Toy Fair let the cat out of the bag, as the pamphlet that went with the presentation let attendees know what Fox was anticipating the film be rated:

Wolverine Toy Fair Pamphlet

Now, we have no idea if the success of Deadpool had any effect on the film, which will apparently be named Wolverine 3 from the looks of it. Toy Fair was going on as Deadpool was being released, so its record breaking grosses were not readily apparent when this pamphlet was likely printed out. However, since Deadpool was trending as having a big weekend days before the film opened, it could be that Fox made a spur of the moment decision earlier in the week before these pamphlets were printed, and made sure potential vendors were made aware of the anticipated rating.

It makes sense that Wolverine would be getting an R-rating. After all, he is a killing machine with razor sharp blades that spring out of his knuckles. And if the film adapts theĀ Old Man Logan storyline like Hugh Jackman said it will, the arc’s incest, mass murder and nihilistic post-apocalyptic world will feel right at home in that rating.

Fox’s readiness to put out Marvel films with an R-rating does set it apart from Marvel Studios, whose parent company, Disney, wouldn’t let that happen in a million years.

Keep an eye out in a couple of days as I run down the comic books that might be best served by an R-Rating.


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