SUICIDE SQUAD 2 Already In The Works!?!

Quick! Everyone! Let's not go see the first one!

SUICIDE SQUAD 2 HarleyAre you ready for a Suicide Squad 2? Since you are all sensible people, your answer is probably , “No! The first film is still five months away! Let’s see how good that one is before we start planning a sequel!”

However, Hollywood is not full of sensible people. Warner Brothers, completely ignoring the lesson Fox learned with the Fantastic Four franchise, is looking to fast-track a sequel the August DC Expanded Universe film.

Variety’s Justin Kroll broke the story over Twitter. Apparently, the studio like the advance buzz and the footage they saw so much, that they are greenlighting a sequel. Production is rumored to begin next year, with all the principals brought back. David Ayer might only be brought back as director, because he’ll be too busy with his next film, Bright, to write the sequel. But Warners is trying to bring back whatever cast members that survive this year’s film including, I imagine, Margot Robbie and Will Smith.

In these days of shared universes, planing two or three movies is not unusual. Warners announced a sequel to Justice League at the same time it announced the first film, for goodness sakes. But Suicide Squad is a relatively unproven concept with a couple of great trailers attached to it. If it’s a hit, planning the sequel now will seem like a stroke of genius. If it’s not, then it will be a walk of shame as they remove the sequel from their schedule.


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