VENOM Film Officially Revived At Sony

Just when you thought Sony came to its senses.

Venom with Spidey's head.For those of you wondering where a Venom film will fit in with with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we have an answer. The answer is: it won’t.

The Hollywood Reporter states that Sony has revived Venom, hiring Dante Harper (Edge of Tomorrow) to write the script from the film. Furthermore, they say that the film will be the start of a franchise that is apart and independent from the Spider-Man franchise.

That last tidbit has my mind boggled. Venom is evil opposite of Spider-Man. He has the same powers but yet none of the morals. He is motivated by a false sense of revenge rather than a sense of honor. And his origin is uniquely tied in with the Spider-Man character, as he gets his powers from an alien symbiote that Peter Parker wore for a brief period of time. Taking the character away from the Spider-Man universe pretty much takes away everything that is interesting about it. If Sony needed to bring in Marvel to help make Spider-Man viable again, it will need a miracle to make a freestanding Venom franchise to come into existence.


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