First Deleted BATMAN V SUPERMAN Scene Brings More Confusion

What is this scene trying to say?


If you read my review of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice yesterday, you’ll know one of my main criticisms of the film was that needless bits of fan service complicated the movie unnecessarily. However, we got a deleted scene that shows us we got lucky, because it could have been way more¬† confusing.

Here is the deleted scene in question:

For those of you who do not like clicking videos, here is a run down. A bunch of soldiers enter the Kryptonian ship. The eventually find Lex Luthor standing before a giant, horned, humanoid creature. The creature is holding two huge boxes with another floating in front of him. The creatures and the boxes break up into a million tiny pieces and then float away, leaving Luthor standing chest deep in a pond of viscous, blood-like goo.

batman-v-superman-deleted-mother-boxI guess the main question is who is that big horned guy?¬† Could that be Darkseid, reinterpreted to avoid comparisons with Thanos? Well, the comic version of Darkseid isn’t exactly all that fancy from a design perspective, but this isn’t much of an improvement.

batman v superman gogThe DC villain the character most resembles is Gog, a god-like villain from Geoff John’s Justice Society of America arc. That version was an ultra powerful wish granting being who was too good to be true. Previous versions of the character had a fixation on killing Superman throughout all recorded history. Gog also had ties to the New Gods mythos that spawned Darkseid.

And what are those boxes? Are the Mother boxes, the legendary supercomputers from the New Gods mythos? They seem a little big for that to be so. And are they the same box Silas used to fix his son Victor in that Cyborg video clip Wonder Woman watched?

Why would the giant and the boxes be in a Kryptonian ship? Or is this a 3D holographic image and they aren’t really there? And why are we discussing this at all when its obvious that Warners didn’t want us to know about this?

Maybe we’ll get answers to these questions and many more when Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice hits home video on July 16, 2016.


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