Warners Orders SUICIDE SQUAD Reshoots To Lighten Tone

Suicide Squad

Warner Brothers has assembled the band of bad guys that make up the anti-heroes of its upcoming Suicide Squad comic book adaptation for a series of reshoots that will reportedly lighten the tone of the film considerably.

With this news coming fast on the heels of devastating reviews for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice that often negatively noted on the film’s overly grim and humorless tone, it would initially appear as if the studio was reacting to the criticism. However, BirthMoviesDeath‘s Devin Faraci, who broke the story, is stating that the reshoots follow positive reaction to the humor in the trailer for the film that was released back in January. (See below.)

It turns out though, that the jokes and lighter moments that were in trailer were all that the Suicide Squad film had to offer. There were no others. And perhaps the studio executives didn’t want ticket buyers feeling burned that the film was not quite what the trailer sold them on, they ordered director David Ayer back to work to add some more moments of levity. And by some, we are looking at all that “tens of millions of dollars” can buy. This could possibly be a rather large overhaul as to the overall tone of the film.

So, if this is Warner Brothers acting in response to reaction from fans over the trailer, will they be as responsive to the criticisms that have assailed director Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman the last week or two? Faraci states that his sources are telling him that the execs are “being much more involved this time around” as cameras are set to start rolling on Snyder’s next installment in the studio’s DC Comics Extended Universe Justice League in just a couple of weeks. But will Snyder try to yield some clout earned from having Batman V Superman open so big this past weekend? Then again, depending how well the film continues to do over the next few weeks could also dictate whether or not Snyder gets his way.

I am starting to think that the behind-the-scenes business decisions that are going into making these films are becoming more interesting than the films themselves. And it shouldn’t be that way.

Suicide Squad hits theaters August 5.

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