SUICIDE SQUAD Reshoots For More Action, Not Humor Says Ayer


Suicide Squad AyerIt would be only natural to assume that when reshoots were announced on Suicide Squad so close to dismal reviews for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice that criticized that film to be too serious, that the reshoots in question would be done to make Suicide Squad lighter in tone by amping up the humor.

Not so says director David Ayer:

Yes, according to Ayer, the reshoots are being done to add #moreaction to the film, not humor.

Is this the truth? Well, when films are looking to trim a budget, action sequences are the first to go. So it could be that Ayer is adding really cool action scenes that he begrudgingly had to give up in the sake of meeting budget. Or, he could be just saying that to save face for his employers.

We’ll probably be able to find out on August 5, when Suicide Squad hits theaters.



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