Robert Downey Jr. Raises IRON MAN 4 Hopes…Again.

IRON MAN 4 RDJ unmasked“I feel I can do one more.”

Those seven word were uttered by Robert Downey Jr. last night as part of ABC’s Nightline‘s puff cross-promotional piece news report on Captain America: Civil War when the possibility of an Iron Man 4 was being raised. Here is the piece in question:

Before we get too excited, let’s remember back two years ago when he hinted that Iron Man 4 might be coming only to backpedal a bit later on.

Regardless, the Iron Man franchise is a solid earner for Marvel, the only line that breaks $1 billion worldwide outside of the Avengers films, so I’m sure Marvel won’t be too opposed to having another sequel.  However, if they are going to start one, they should put the wheels in motion as soon as possible. As it stands, the earliest we’d see the film would be 2019 or 2020, assuming Marvel doesn’t squeeze it in the schedule some where. Downey will be 55 years old by that point a probably reaching the expiration date for playing the character. But it is something to keep an eye on.

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