BLACK PANTHER Might Be Getting Michael B. Jordan In A Villain Role

Black Panther Michael B JordanCall it a shot at redemption, call it a director casting his muse, I’ll call it Black Panther developing a pretty great cast for itself.

Fresh of breaking the news that Lupita Nyong’o was in talks to join the film, The Hollywood Reporter states that Michael B. Jordan is in discussions to reunite with Ryan Coogler on the Marvel film. Their source says Jordan will be playing the villain.

Some of you might wince at this news, as Jordan’s last foray into the comic book film was the disastrous Fantastic Four. However, A) he was arguably the best part about that film and B) great things happen when he and Coogler get together. Jordan has starred in all of Coogler’s feature films. He should have been nominated for an Oscar for his work with Coogler in Fruitvale Station and his not being nominated for and Oscar for Creed, also directed by Coogler, played a part in the Academy overhauling its nomination practices. There is definitely a synergy between the two, and his casting would make Black Panther that much more exciting.

Black Panther opens February 2, 2018 with production starting early in 2017.

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