Michael Keaton In Talks For SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING…Again

Let's not screw this up this time, huh?

michael-keatonFirst he was, then he wasn’t. Now he is again. Variety reports that Michael Keaton is once again engaging in talks to join Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Variety states that Keaton backed out when Robert Downey Jr entered the picture because he believed the production could not afford to sign both him and Downey Jr. The latter must have offered a discount, because Sony now has enough money for both.

Keaton is once again in line to play the villain of the piece. Theories originally abounded that he would be playing the Vulture, but with the latest rumor hinting that Kingpin would be the villain, maybe its time to rethink who Keaton will be playing.

While he could still be playing Vulture, he could also be playing a rival of Kingpin’s in the world of organized crime. Perhaps Silvio Manfredi, a.k.a. Silvermane, a mob boss in search of immortality who finds it, sort of, as a cyborg. Or maybe Hammerhead, an enforcer with a steel skull he uses as a weapon.

All will be revealed as we get closer to Spider-Man: Homecoming’s 2017 release date draws nearer.


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