Noah Hawley Dropping Out Of Universal Monster Movie Scripting Duties


Fargo creator Noah Hawley is admitting that he might have bit off a bit more than he could chew and that he has dropped out of the gig that saw him contributing a screenplay to Universal’s burgeoning monsters film franchise.

Hawley stated in an interview with Vanity Fair

I wasn’t really able to write the movie for Universal in the time period that they were hoping for it, so we said no harm, no foul. There aren’t enough hours in the day, especially because I have young kids. I refuse to compromise the family time any more than I have to.

Well, one can’t really fault a guy for wanting to make sure that he doesn’t skimp on time spent with his family. And let’s face it, having too many projects to pick from is probably one of the least problems to have when one is a writer.

Currently, Hawley is overseeing the upcoming third season of the Cohen Brothers mashup series Fargo which he created for FX, as well as setting up the pilot for Fox’s Legion, which will be the first live-action X-Men spinoff TV series and developing a limited series adaptation of the Kurt Vonnegut sci-fi novel Cat’s Cradle. As if that weren’t enough to keep him busy, he is also prepping to shoot his feature debut Man Alive.

It is unclear as to what Universal Monsters project Hawley was slated to write. The studio has been fairly tight-lipped about the longer range details for their franchise. Currently, the studio has The Mummy in production with Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella and Russell Crowe set to make a cameo as a Dr. Jekyll-type character who is being set up for his own film somewhere down the line. Johnny Depp will be headlining a new iteration of The Invisible Man while Angelina Jolie is being pursued for a Bride Of Frankenstein redo.

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