Marvel Rumors: THOR To Visit “Planet Hulk”? Elizabeth Debicki Is Her?

From the "Believe it when I see it" department...

Marvel rumors kismetWhen it comes to Marvel rumors, the one with “Planet Hulk” refuses to die. It was over three years since we first heard about that plot being part of the films, and now a new source says it will become part of Thor: Ragnarok.

JoBlo reports that Thor and Hulk will find their way to a gladiatorial planet run by the Grandmaster in the film, as Thor seeks a powerful weapon to reverse Ragnarok.

And…that’s it. There apparently will be no becoming trapped there, Hulk rising up to a leadership role, and no attack on Earth afterward. But I’m sure El Mayimbe will still take credit for being right.

The site also has other scoop for us.

  • While it’s obvious that the African-American Tessa Thompson will be a different looking Valkyrie that we got in the comics, it appears that she will sporting Native-American-like face paint in the film.
  • The site postulates that every sequel to a solo hero’s film will become a giant team-up of one or more MCU characters.
  • The cosmic being known alternately as Paragon, Her, Kismet and Ayesha will be the main villain of Guardians of the Galaxy 2. The site assumes that Elizabeth Debicki, who has been cast in the film but whose role was not revealed, will be playing the character. The character wasn’t really a villain in the comics (her main characterization was to be a woman is search of the perfect mate to be the father of her future children) so it would be interesting to see how they make her into a bad guy.
  • They also theorize that since the “Her” character was created by The Enclave in the comics, same as Adam Warlock, both might be making an appearance in the film. Unlikely, as both first appeared in the Fantastic Four comic, and thusly their rights are owned by Fox and Her debuted in The Incredible Hulk and is owned by Marvel Studios.
  • The Guardians of the Galaxy will be appearing in the next Avengers films, whatever they will be retitled.

It will be interesting to see how many of these Marvel rumors pan out.

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