Adam McKay And Jennifer Lawrence Are Meeting With Buyers For Medical Company Theranos Drama


Today could be the day that Adam McKay and Jennifer Lawrence strike a deal for their planned drama about controversial medical company Theranos.

According to Deadline, McKay will be meeting with several potential buyers today to pitch them on a film about the embattled medical company and its 32-year-old founder Elizabeth Holmes. The Big Short director/co-writer had sent out packets of background information on the company’s story on Friday for studio execs to take a look at in advance of today’s round of meetings. Lawrence is already attached to the project to star as Holmes.

Theranos is the startup that made a splash in 2003 when it claimed it had a blood testing method that would require only a small pinprick instead of a much larger full blood draw by injection. An excited Wall Street began throwing money at the company, leaving it with a valuation of $9 billion as recently as two years ago. However, investigations into the accuracy of the company’s claims – or rather, inaccuracy – has lead to the company’s fortune’s falling. Forbes now estimates the company’s worth at a mere $800 million, with Holmes’ own 50% stake in the company falling commensurately.

Deadline is also reporting that there have already been a number of offers advanced to McKay and his production shingle Gary Sanchez before he has even had a chance to pitch to them. It seems as if there are a number of studios who are attracted to the premise and the idea of telling a story that could be provocative and timely. McKay’s The Big Short, was one of the best and also angriest films of last year, earning much critical praise and award consideration. McKay himself won the Best Adapted Screenplay Academy Award for the film. And Lawrence is no slouch when it comes to critical accolades and repeated mentions during awards season. Sure this suggests a recipe for an Oscar bait film, but given the two talents involved here, I don’t mind at all.

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