SDCC 2016: Max Landis Is Writing A Pepe Le Pew Movie


Often times, convention panels for one thing often reveal bits of news about another. Case in point – this past weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con panel on the upcoming television adaptation of Douglas Adams’s Dirk Gentley’s holistic Detective Agency novels, show producer Max Landis made an off-hand statement that he was working with Warner Brothers on bringing their cartoon character Pepe Le Pew to the big screen.

Unfortunately, that is really all that he had to say at the time. But this is Max Landis we are talking about and of course, he expounded on things on twitter. First up were these two tweets that featured a bit of script and the rather interesting description for the film –

(I am not going to apologize for laughing at the line “I want to kiss your muffin top.”)

And then there was this video which Landis acknowledges that there is some controversy around the character’s rather aggressive sexual advances being played for laughs, but promises that he is not going to write “some cartoon version of Irreversible.” He does admit, though, that being aggressively romantic without being a creep is a thin line but the movie is going to be walking that line.

Landis also draws a parallel to both Amelie and The French Connection, and for that reason at least I am interested to see what he has in store.

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