Is Jason Momoa Cast In THE CROW?

The Crow Jason MomoaThe Crow reboot has more lives than Eric Draven. The project has been resurrected once again, this time with an actor with some comic book film experience in the lead.

Mashable is reporting that Jason Momoa, who has comic book stars Conan and Aquaman on heis resume, is in talks to add The Crow as well.

While we have been down the road of Momoa taking on another comic book character and it not happening (remember his brief flirtation with Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy?), a photo Momoa posted on Instagram makes this rumor more likely to come true.

That guy in the picture with Momoa is The Crow remake’s director Corin Hardy. The hashtags below seem to hint that the rumor is real, and the look on Momoa’s face leads me to believe he’s excited about taking on the role.

Momoa follows a long line of Hollywood’s biggest and brightest who were previously connected to the role, including Bradley Cooper, James McAvoy, Tom Hiddleston, Luke Evans and Jack Huston. Delays have caused the departure of many of those actors. However, it looks like all the ducks are finally in a row, as Mashable’s sources say that The Crow will be ready before Momoa is needed for Aquaman, and will beat the latter film into theaters.

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