Spider-Man Homecoming Michael ChernusIt looks like Spider-Man: Homecoming will be keeping it old school with its villains, featuring two villains who were created for Amazing Spider-Man #2 back in 1963–the Vulture and the Tinkerer. Michael Keaton has been linked to play the former, and an announcement has just been made on the casting of the latter.

Deadline is reporting that Orange is the New Black‘s Michael Chernus will be playing the Stan Lee and Steve Ditko creation in the new film.

Typically portrayed in the comics as a wizened old man, the Tinkerer is Phineas Mason, an engineering genius who supplies the villains of the Marvel Universe with armor and armaments. Obviously, Chernus is at least 30 years younger that the way the character has been portrayed in the comics, so it will be interesting to see how this affects his modus operandi.

Even though they made their debut in the same issue, the Tinkerer and the Vulture did not appear in the same story. The Vulture made his debut in the lead story of the issue, the Tinkerer in the backup.

Spider-Man: Homecoming arrives in theaters on July 7, 2017.

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